Growth of Screen Addiction in Teens: Getting your teen off the couch and out in the “real” world

All parents reading this should pay attention because this is a pressing family issue that they are probably aware of but think it is normal. You must have noticed for sure that your teen spends a lot of time in front of a screen. It doesn’t matter what screen, a computer or TV. Social media, YouTube, they spend more and more time in front of the screens and less and less time with their family, at the dinner table or behind a book.


Something is happening and you are not sure what. They act and seem normal when you ask them they just say, everyone is doing it. But the problem is, this doesn’t make it normal and the horrid truth is, it isn’t. It is time to introduce yourself to a quite new term called screen addiction in teens. In the past, people had hard times to get their kids in the house.


The problem is quite different, they can’t get them out. Computers and mobile devices seem to be the only things they care for. Instead of spending time hanging with their friends, they do it over social networks. That is what the modern age of technology has given us, a complete alienation from ourselves and the others.

If your teens are constantly glued to the screens, they will not be able to lead balanced lives and that will make them less happy. Screen addiction in teens has become a prevalent concern lately and you need to act if you want to properly motivate your teens to live normal lives. You need to get them off the couch immediately.


They need to learn to feel safe and good in the real world, just like they feel good in front of that screen. Teens like this tend to be less active in life overall, mostly ending up being depressive, obese, insecure and such. By going out more, they learn to socialize, a very important skill people tend to forget these days.