Welcome to a small corner of the Internet dedicated to Columbus Ohio Mental Health Hospital. Join us on our everyday mission to help people with mental health problems as they deserve our attention as much as anyone in the world.


Our hospital deals with two main treatments and one of those two is the addiction. Addiction is a terrible disease and if it is not treated on time, it can be fatal to the addict and their loved ones too. We also refer patients to local treatment options such as Columbus Recovery Center


Mental health

Mental health is as important as physical. A person can be strong as a bull but if their mental health is bad, that strength means nothing. A person needs both to function properly and we tend to that as well.


Partial Hospitalization Program

Daily life can be hard for those growing up. In case of emergencies, we offer a specialized Partial Hospitalization Program.

Home-Based Services

Both young and adult need care after a mental illness and we have customized Home-Based Services program for such occasions.

Dual Diagnosis Program

Dual Diagnosis Program goes for those who need addiction treatments. First, we diagnose the addiction and then treat it accordingly.

Senior Inpatient program

When your seniors are struggling mental disorders, they need constant care. Therefore, we have come up with Senior Inpatient program.

Adult Inpatient Program

We take care of the adults by providing comprehensive treatments in an individualized and compassionate manner through Adult Inpatient Program.

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